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SSRS Divide By Zero Error

An easy clean way to prevent a divide by zero error is using the report code area. In the Menu; got to Report > Report Properties > Code and paste the code bellow [tp no_translate="y"]
Public Function Quotient(ByVal numerator As Decimal, denominator As Decimal) As Decimal
        If denominator = 0 Then
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Count inserted or deleted rows from a table

This code is safe to run on MSSQL query Manager; this is a quick overview of @@rowcount built in function [tp no_translate="y"]
Declare @temp table (id int identity(1,1),descr varchar(10))
Insert into @temp 
Select 'Nothing registered for this insert'

Insert into @temp 
select @@ROWCOUNT as rowsinserted
select * from @temp
select @@ROWCOUNT as rowsselected

Delete from @temp where id in (1,2)
select @@ROWCOUNT as... 						
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How to get your computer IP Address (local)

IP address stands for Internet Protocol, it is your computer address to allow your computer to communicate with other computers.
  1. Got to start and type "CMD" and press enter, this should open your command prompt software
  2. Type "ipconfig" and press enter
  3. your ip address should be displayed
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