What do I need to build a website

To build a website you need

  1. Domain
  2. Hosting
  3. Design


This is the URL of your website, the address people type to find you. You can get it from multiple domain register providers such as:

http://www.godaddy.com/, http://www.1and1.com/, etc..

A short easy to remember name works best for websites, the most common domains end in .com. However there are other extensions available such as .net, .tv, .us, .org etc.. These can be better explained.

Your domain address can also become your email domain, for example if your website is www.mysite.com you can create email addresses such as support@mysite.com or customerservice@mysite.com and many more.


This is where your website is stored and accessed from web browsers across the world. Your domain will point to this hosting or computer address to read the files of your website and interpret them as a webpage or service. A hosting could be as basic as a home computer but this option is not recommended since you will be given public access to this machine. There are many hosting companies out there that offer domain registration and hosting together in one package for a low monthly fee. These companies will also backup and provide security to your files. There are also ways to get these services free of charge but you still need a domain to point to your website.


Design is very important since it is the look and feel of your website; it identifies your business on the web. Design should be clean and fun.

A website design could be as simple as using a template or making it with Microsoft Word. Or as complicated as coding one. Whatever your choice is make sure it looks good! It is your window to the world


Another way is using a Content Management System or CMS. There are many available in this case I am using WordPress to be able to easily create and update pages and posts.

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