The basics in technology

About 2 years ago a business owner contact me through a friend with a few questions regarding technology. He owned a car dealership and had about 20 employees, his office had a server where he had most of the required applications for the employees and about 15  computers. He originally contact me because most of his computers had a virus and some of the applications did not work. There was no one with IT knowledge at his business. So I stopped by and could not believe how bad the situation was. He pretty much started his business with no knowledge of computer security or computer knowledge and had his machines run on Windows XP home edition, a Linux server, and no network, just a sharing environment. I sat down and explained what he needed to prevent these kind of issues, increase security, increase productivity, and save money. He though he was saving money by having the set up he had, when in reality it was costing more by having to fix viruses and employees abusing the system and working less because of incompatible operating systems.

Since recently I had a similar client I recommend to anyone who is opening a business without computer knowledge  to inform themselves or seek consulting before buying equipment, such as server, switches and computers. 

By buying the right tools you may save more, increase productivity, sales, and have a secure environment. Every business is customized based on its requirements. 

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