How to run PHP files from Visual Studio

This will allow you to run PHP code from Visual Studio using IIS. However, you wont be able to debug php with this option.

I had installed in my machine SQL 2008 and Visual Studio 2012; I did not have IIS installed so I will show you how to go thru the whole process.

Before you start make sure you download the PHP files from:


I extracted the files to C:\PHP\ folder I created.

Begin by installing IIS with the proper settings:


Make sure you have the CGI Option (see below)


Once installed go to Start > Run > 

  • inetmgr

double click on Handler Mappings and add a Module Mapping; Follow Instructions bellow:


click on Request Restrictions and make sure “Invoke handler only if request is mapped to” is checked with file option.(see bellow)


Press OK and yes


I added a Folder called “06”  to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\ with some PHP files

you may create or add a folder to work with in Visual Studio.

Open Visual Studio File > Open > Web Site



Happy Coding :)

Video Sample

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