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Pie chart Series Label Overlapping in SSRS


SSRS Pie charts tend to overlap the names when too many small slices are next to each other.


A good solution is to sort the pie chart slices between big and small pieces. The following script will reorder your slices. Just insert the name and value into this script and call it from your dataset.
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How to Justify Text in SSRS

Microsoft does not support justified or letter text alignment in Reporting Services: Aspose offers a solution [private role="administrator"] We had to create a solution to this issue at Ledgex. We send the text string to a DLL that converts it into an Image. First get the DLL from the following location: DLL Download Make sure you paste the DLL...
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Add Ordinal Extension to a Number

This little code snippet adds extensions such as st, nd, rd, th to integer numbers. Useful also with SSRS under Report Properties > Code
 Public Function ChangeToOrdinal(ByVal digit As Integer) As String
        Dim residual As Integer = digit Mod 10
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The report definition is not valid

Today while deploying reports on a client's server I came across this error on two reports: The report definition is not valid. Details: The report definition has an invalid target namespace '' which cannot be upgraded. (rsInvalidReportDefinition) I tried a few tricks with no results, then I found a blog with the solution. Replace report tags

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